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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. These products are Model Railroad Equipment and Accessories intended for use by adults.

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Holiday Cars and Locos

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HO Scale




"Con-Cor Holiday HO Car"

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N Scale

N Scale Weathered Cars



"Con-Cor Passenger Car Arrivals"

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"N Scale Train Sets with & without Track"

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N Scale NASA Series

N Scale Oil Tank Car Series, Ended

N Scale Brewery Series, Ended

N Scale Meat Packers Series, Ended



Z Scale

Z Scale Weathered Cars


"Z Scale Train Sets with & without Track"

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WWII Nose Art Series, Ended

Z Scale Brewery Series, Ended

Z Scale Meat Packers Series, Ended