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Shipping & Returns

All items will be shipped USPS Priority unless under .1 Lbs. and any packages over 5 Lbs. may be shipped by UPS ground..

This web site is directly connected to UPS and to the USPS to obtain the rates for shipping.

However, because of the dimensional size of some items, the total seen at checkout time is just ESTIMATED and may be adjusted to real freight charges paid to carriers. Bulky parcels are hard to calculate here as depending on how we can arrange boxes inside the carton, may change the size so dimensional weight may be lower.

Some small items can be packed in a USPS Small Box. If this is the case, we will use Small Box from the USPS.This will result in a substantial lower rate than seen in the checkout page. We will always select the lower and best solution for your parcel. We GUARANTEE the most accurate and low charges possible based on all the parameter for the parcel to be ship.

Returns: All returns must receive an authorization.

** Packages exceeding 14 inches in length will have a paypal request of $3.00 care and handeling fee before shipping.

** Packages exceeding 5 Pounds will pay actual S/H before shipping.


Contact Us with any questions ..

Thank you for your continued support !!

Updated 3-27-2016