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Micro Trains 50200530 Delaware State Car

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[Delaware State Car]

The December 2010 issue in the MTL series of State Cars is dedicated to Delaware and brings us 3/5 into the length of this project (unless they pull a "State quarter" and add cars for DC and the territories ;-). The state flower (Peach Blossom) and State Bird (Blue Hen) are executed nicely enough, but the state flag, as for several other states, severely lacks in detail and clarity. That there is a coat of arms on the yellow diamond in the center can be seen, but any details are totally lost, and even the inscription of the date of statehood (Dec, 7th 1787) at the lower edge of the flag can only be discerned if you know where and what to look for.
Date Added: 12/21/2010 by Martin Zinser