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Micro Trains 52600101 D&H 40' Bulkhead Flat Car 8006

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[D&H 40' Bulkhead Flat Car 8006]

This April 2010 40' Bulkhead Flat Car of the Delaware & Hudson Railway (now a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific) comes with a pipe load. Due to the very thin base board of the car, no much opportunity for stenciling is given (as with a real car of this type ;-) which essentially is used to give the name of the railroad. The base of the car is executed in metal, so in spite of the open construction the car has a nice weight and should run smoothly.
As with previous model, I am not really happy with the load, which looks very artificial (in this case mostly because of the strange blue color).
Date Added: 04/28/2010 by Martin Zinser