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BLMA 8110 Rubber Grade Crossing - Two Lane Road

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Z Scale .. BLMA 8110 .. Rubber Grade Crossing - Two Lane Road

Our Modern Rubber Grade Crossings are the first ever produced for Z Scale.  Designed after an extremely common prototype, these crossings feature easy installation and prototypical dimensions.  As far as we know, these will work with ALL Z Scale rolling stock.

Our rubber and concrete grade crossings are long enough, 35 Ft + 3 Ft end,  to simulate two-lane highway crossings for four-lane you would use (2) 35 Ft w/o the 3 Ft ends.


Installation Instructions



To Mount:
1. Carefully remove all pieces from the etched-metal frame with a sharp hobby knife.

2. Before mounting, find the height (often called the Code) of the rail you're using.  Code 55 track has a rail height of .055" while Code 80 has a height of .080" for example.

3. These etchings are .006" thick, so if you're using Code 55 rail that is .055" tall, you will need a shim (plastic strip) that is about .044" tall, leaving you with .005" of clearance below the rail head.

4. Mount your shims down the middle of the track and on either side of the ties where you would like your grade crossing to lay. Remove spike heads to aid in laying the shims flat if they are wider than the space between the spike heads.

5. Glue shims in place.

6. Glue the 3 long etchings in place, but, bend the ramps down so they lay just on top of the ties (the ramps are only on one end).  On the opposite end, glue the ramps in place at the same angle as the opposite side.

To Paint:
1. The ramps on these models are metal and the rest of the crossing is a high-density rubber.

2. Simulate the rubber using thin washes of India ink or thin black paint (an airbrush works well.)

3. The ramps on either end of the crossing should be painted a silver color to reflect their metal construction.

4.  Weathering is recommended.

Updated 2-15-2013

Updated 5-3-2017, 6-2-2017, 7-3-2017


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