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Northwest Short Line Flea 2015-6

On2 Scale .. NWSL 2015-6 .. On2 20"/110 shouldered axle .. This is not available at this time .. NWSL is working on a redesign

A miniature motorizing unit for powering small railroad models, ship capstans, dollhouse elevators and other miniature devices. With interchangeable wheelset (see listing below) or custom made wheelset, can be used to power small models from HOn30 gauge to On3; use the output shaft (#2023-6) for your special project or gear your own 3/32" shaft using the #31015-6 gear. NWSL precision motor provides speed range from slow crawl to moderate speed.

The gearbox is precision moulded in Acetal engineering plastic (Delrin is an Acetal plastic) for strength and self-lubricating properties. IMPORTANT: Proper gear lubrication IS required for better operation and longer component life; gearbox (bearing area) lubrication is recommended for long life. Quality NWSL manufactured brass gears and polished steel worm provide quiet, efficient, reliable smooth operation that your fine models deserve.

The driven wheelset is easily interchangeable - just loosen two screws and replace the wheelset with any desired FLEA III wheelset or 3/32" output shaft. Other wheelsets (gauge, wheel size) can be ordered for custom assembly.

The FLEA is a single axle basic drive unit, however, additional axles can be driven from the shaft protruding from the bottom gearbox by hooking up an Auxiliary gearbox (#207-6) using NWSL universal couplings (#483-6 or #487-6). The Auxiliary gearbox (#207-6) can also be used independently as a miniature 15:1 ratio gearbox. Motor shafts are long (17mm) so that you can choose where and if you wish to use a flywheel (NWSL #420-6 or #421-6). Unwanted shaft length should be removed carefully using a cutoff wheel in a hand motor tool (protect bearings and eyes from grindings intrusion).

Tractive effort and electrical contact reliability are heavily dependent on clean track and model weight as with any powered model drive. Wheelsets are provided with outside bearing (shouldered) journals for 1/16" sideframe bearings. Supporting the model weight on these bearings will provide substantially longer gearbox life than using the gearbox to support the model weight. Electrical pickup is via wheel wipers; additional pickup from other wheels of your finished model will result in more reliable operation.

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  • Model: NWSL 2015-6 On2 20"/110 shouldered axle
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  • Manufactured by: NorthWest Short Line