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American Z Line 62201-3 New York Central RDC M462

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Z Scale .. American Z Line 62201-3 New York Cemtral RDC-1 .. Road Number .. M462 This is a Mid October 2017 Release and will ship Late October 2017

After a long hiatus, we are excited to announce the return of the Budd RDCs, and in all new road names!

  •  There are three road number available.
  • 62201-1 New York Central Budd RDC M450
  • 62201-2 New York Central Budd RDC M457
  • 62201-3 New York Central Budd RDC M462

Background: In the early 1950’s, the Budd Company introduced a modern version of the old interurban cars and self-propelled “doodlebugs” that had been so popular during the 1920’s and 1930’s Dubbed the RDV vehicle for many of the major railroads – most especially on their branch lines and those routes previously deemed too lightly traveled to serve with normal passenger’s trains.

The Five Types of Budd RDC, Rail Diesel Car

  1. RDC-1 - All-passenger configuration with control vestibules at each end.
  2. RDC-2 - Mostly passenger with a small baggage compartment at one end.
  3. RDC-3 - Half-passenger, half Baggage/Rolling Post Office.
  4. RDC-4 - No passenger, half baggage/half RPO (only 73ft long)
  5. RDC-9 - Powered Centre Car - no control vertibules, only usable as middle car with other RDCs.


Budd RDC 1



  • Plastic injected body
  • Directional LED headlights
  • High Precision Coreless Motor
  • Excellent low speed creep ability
  • Die cast split frame chassis
  • DCC Ready
  • AZL AutoLatch couplers
  • Separately applied details
  • Extensive micro printing and decoration.

Added 10-15-2017

Updated 10-1-2017

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  • Manufactured by: American Z Line, AZL